What makes a good wedding video?

March 10, 2022


Setting up a camera is only one part of capturing the memories of your wedding on video. We love our films to convey your narrative because after all, it is all about you on your big day! It’s all very well shooting plenty of gorgeous footage from the day, but throughout the editing process we prefer to construct a storyline from the footage, so when you look back at the video in coming years, it’s like watching a cinematic film rather than a music video. Letters, speeches, vows and little touches – they all contribute to the development of a good wedding video! 


Is it worth getting a wedding videographer? 


Wedding video footage enables you to see some of the moments you missed. Possibly you skipped part of the drinks reception because you were off shooting sunset portraits, maybe or you wanted to experience the sight of your spouse’s face as they opened your gift whilst getting ready. Video footage will allow you to view some of these events for yourself. That being said, an excellent wedding videographer is well worth the investment.


What should be included in a good wedding video?


Many wedding videos are similar, yet still absolutely individual and unique to all couples. We at Memories in Motion love to capture all of the special moments of your event, including the bride and groom getting ready, the ceremony, the speeches, the first dance, the first look, the first kiss, the sparkler send-off, and more!


The audio is much more helpful when it comes to making your wedding film unique. It makes such a difference and brings even more lyrical touches to the narrative! Your special day’s rhythm and emotion are reflected in the music you select. We, as wedding videographers, can even use audio from the ceremony to enliven the scene. To raise the video up even further, we employ layers of nature’s sounds to add to the drama of the movie.


How to have a fun wedding video?


The key is to unwind and act naturally. There’s nothing better than expressing genuine feelings and being true to who you are. We’re off to a great start with creating a good wedding video by adding crucial moments from your big day! For instance, having your bridal party and relatives notified beforehand that videographers are coming, and who they are – it would make them feel calmer. There are so many beautiful visual moments on a wedding day, and we like seeing the unique and creative ways couples choose to commemorate their union. As a result, we like to let the day flow spontaneously rather than stage-manage it. 

Choose professionals!


A pro-tip from us: if you wish to have the most unforgettable and exciting video, always hire professionals, trust your videographer, and remember that communication is the key! We’d love to chat about your big day over coffee or over the phone.


We send out a questionnaire to our couples, about a month before the big day, so that they can give us all the details we need to organise the beautiful event. Having a list of the other providers participating makes it possible for us to work together. Tell us about your day, plans and specify who the significant individuals are in your life so we can be mindful of them and put them in the spotlight with you!


The happiness, the thrill, the nervousness, the emotions, the romance – everything is recorded in a good wedding video! Check out our blog 5 tips to get the most of your wedding video to inspire yourself even more! You may also look at our other blogs or use our contact form to get in touch with us.



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