10 Tips To Get The Most Out of Your Wedding Video

March 23, 2022

10 tips to get the most out of your wedding video


Weddings are events for joy! As an engaged couple, you have spent several months preparing and choosing out the smallest elements of your big day. And now, it’s here, and it’s amazing, emotional and it is perfect! However, it also flies by in a blur. So, what will be your lasting memory of the event? Wedding videos and photographs, of course. Still, how can you be certain that you’ll have the finest wedding video ever captured? Read on for more 10 handy tips to get the most out of your wedding video!

  • Choose your videographer based on their style and track record


Making the right choice in regards to your wedding video is a significant step! Choose professionals with a wide, reliable CV so that you’re able to obtain a clear understanding of how your film will turn out. Choosing a videographer will be much easier once you have a clear idea of the type of wedding you envision.

  • Tell your wedding videographer everything 


Communication is the key to a successful relationship with your wedding videographer! Knowing your plans allows us to be prepared and we’d want to touch base with you before the big day to discuss your vision for the day. Tell us what you want, what shots you desire, and any unique instances or surprises you want us to record! Check out The perfect wedding videography timeline on the big day blog to see how our days normally go.

  • Add a personal touch


We think it’s nice when you put something personal into your wedding video. Framed photos of you and your partner together or wedding cards will do the trick, or you can bring one of your invitations with you so that this detail can be seen. There are countless ways to make the best wedding video as personal as possible.

  • Write your own vows


We aim to tell a story with your wedding film. Using audio from a couple’s own vows may considerably enhance a wedding video. Couples often talk about their first meeting, first kiss, or a significant milestone in their relationship. Speak genuinely and let the outcomes surprise you!

  • Send each other cards


Sending a card to your future spouse on your special day is a terrific way to show your excitement. It also enables us to capture genuine audio. We often capture a tear or two, in addition to that pure sentiment in the wedding video. Wait until you are in the spotlight, then open the card and read it out loud. You will remember that reaction forever!

  • Let your wedding videographer choose the music

The instrumental music we chose fits perfectly with our beautiful and authentic filmmaking style. For this reason, we prefer to pick the music for our films rather than leave it up to you. We also want to make sure your video is timeless, so we avoid music that is trendy now but may be outdated in the future.

“Music Cuts Through All Logic and Goes Straight to the Heart”

~ Judith (Memories in Motion)


  • Lighting is essential 


Weddings can be challenging shooting environments, both in terms of the location itself and the lighting. So we’re prepared with a camera and lenses that function well in low light. It’s best to have your bridal preparation near a window so we can obtain great silhouette shots!

  • Have an unplugged wedding ceremony


An unplugged wedding ceremony is wonderful for many reasons. Your loved ones will be genuinely there on your special day. It also means you’ll remember faces, not phones. Trust your videographers from Memories in Motion when we suggest that turning off your phones is the best way to ensure your ceremony is captured perfectly!

  • Plan time for your couples shots 


When arranging your wedding timeline, include time for a couples session. With so much going on, it’s easy to lose track of time and miss out on great moments. We thoroughly enjoy an after-dinner or golden hour shoot!

  • Add sparkles


The possibilities are endless with glitter! We adore sparkles because they offer a distinctive touch to your wedding and your wedding film! Ready for a stunning send-off? Or a glimmering kiss-the-bride moment? A sparkling first dance or a cake cutting? The options are unlimited, and the effect is spectacular!


What not to do?


Despite the beauty of a wedding video, some things should not be videotaped. We try not to shoot anyone smoking, eating, or chewing gum.


Having the ideal wedding video of your special day is important. When you watch it, you’ll be filled with joy and excitement again because of these tried-and-true suggestions. Every time you hit play, you’ll be reminded of that great day! Found this handy? Make sure to check out our blog for more ideas.



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